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Paola Munda

Boston, Massachusetts
"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive, and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor and some style." (MAYA ANGELOU). This quote summarizes what's behind every artistic creation that comes from Paola and it's reflected in her art, as a songwriter, as a painter and a human. Born and raised in Sicily, in a family full of artists, Paola learned to paint and sing even before she was able to write. At 10 she started her musical life, becoming part of the children’s choir in one of the main theaters in Italy, Teatro Massimo of Palermo, her hometown.
She started exploring other styles, studying with a shining star from Sicily, Anita Vitale, and after a few years at the Palermo Jazz International School, surrounded by great musicians from all around the world. She met Joey Blake and, already immersed in Bobby McFerrin’s music, fell in love with circle singing and decided to audition for Berklee. Her Berklee journey started in Fall 2014 and it was a pretty unique one. Having graduated as an Artist Diploma Program student in 2018, she specialized in circle singing through Performance, but her curriculum lead her through Indian, Balkan, Gospel, Greek, Microtonal, African and Brazilian music and more. She has performed on wonderful stages: at the Saint John Cathedral in New York, directed by Paul Winter and in Boston at the BSO, the NEC, the Berklee Performance Center and other venues around Boston. “Berklee gives you the chance to be surrounded by soulful teachers, incredible musicians and talented peers from all around the world. This is the greatest richness we can ask for to become more aware of our role as artists every day and reach the best possible version of ourselves”. In 2017 Paola founded her open group of circle singers based in Boston, “The Lotus Sound”, inspired by the desire of bringing joy and a message of unity through a unique kind of performance.
Circle Singing is a spontaneous, improvisational community-singing experience where a leader starts by improvising a line of music and teaches the parts on the spot to one part of the circle at the time. The group ends up singing new compositions; never-before-sung, wordless most of the time, fun songs, melodies, harmonies, and rhythms. Each circle is a unique experience.
“To come to our concerts means to witness a circle of people creating music together.. and eventually to sing with us too!”, this is what Paola says about her “creature”.
Last May they got selected to take part to the Moscow A Cappella Festival in the world, part of the Moscow Season, a wonderful initiative that baptized the group to the international dimension.Currently recording her first album leading “The Lotus Sound”, and her solo project, Paola also performs with other acoustic groups, bringing into these projects all of the influences she has experienced in her musical journey.

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