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Grayson Villanueva

Grayson V LLC
Los Angeles, California
Grayson Villanueva is an award-winning a cappella arranger, audio engineer, and videographer. Getting his start as the founder of 2011-2012 Uniting Voices (UC Irvine) and the professional vocal group #FOURTY4B (2014 LA Harmony Sweepstakes Champions, 2014 Kollaboration LA Finalists), Grayson has nearly a decade of professional experience with vocal arranging, production, and videography and is known for producing unique creative stories on an aural & visual level. Professionally, Grayson also works as a featured singer and vocal percussionist at Harry Potter Frog Choir at Universal Studios Hollywood and is a freelance singer and vocal percussionist in the greater Los Angeles area. He is well-known for his work with many vocal groups, including Acapop! KIDS, m-pact, Business Casual, and Top Shelf Vocal.

Website: https://www.graysonv.me
E-mail: hello@graysonv.me